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SPU Mailing Services: Mailroom Olympics

Imagine the official theme song for the Olympics, the six rings flashing across the television screen, athletes throwing up their arms in victory. It’s a perfect picture; a plethora of achievement, athleticism, perseverance, and grit. Now picture the Olympics taking place on campus….you probably can’t, but many would be surprised to know that in a place as small as Seattle Pacific University Mailing Services, the student employees there pride themselves in being able to say that they too in fact compete in the “Olympics” every year. Set up by none other than the managers themselves, the competition is designed to test one’s determination and courage, while also necessitating a strong demand for teamwork and strategy. Hearts will be broken. Tears will be shed. It is not a competition for the weak. The employees are split into teams and are then challenged to many different events, such as “Mailroom Jeopardy” and “Bag and Tag”, each intended to put one’s strength and will to the ultimate test.

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